The Myeloma Twins

During the time I was in treatment, I coordinated my doctor visits and chemo with another myeloma patient who lives about 25 miles from here.  We traveled to Chapel Hill appointments together and, when we were told the only treatment left to us was a stem cell transplant, we had ours together through The Duke Adult …

Test results from February blood draw

I got these results last week.  Pretty much the only difference between these results and the last ones is that the IgA is about 200 mg/dL higher.  Last time, it was 663.  The m-spikes are the same.  This time, the kappa/lambda free light chain ratio is just inside the normal range.  IgM and IgG are …

October Lab Results

Everything’s pretty much the same as it was last time.  Still stable. Two m-spikes that add up to 0.8 g/dL.  The last time I had blood drawn, the test results were pretty much the same.

Latest Labs

The serum free light chains weren’t back yet when I got this. I don’t think about this stuff as much as I used to, so I probably won’t even call in to ask about it. I’ll wait for my next appointment in a couple of months to find out. I had been seeing the doc …

Puppy Mills in North Carolina

This was forwarded to me on the AAMC mailing list.   This is a picture of a puppy currently residing in a puppy mill in North Carolina. Under present state law, because she has “food, water and shelter” she cannot be rescued. Only when she is dead will she probably get out of this cage. …

Jay Bradner: Open-source cancer research

Hey! Run, do not walk, over to Margaret’s blog now and read about the work of Jay Bradner, who just may have figured out a way to stop myeloma dead in its tracks. After watching the video below, I started wishing I was a mouse!

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