2 days of dex a week

I’m back on 2 days of dex a week now. The first day is 40 mg and the second is 20 mg. This seems to be the only way to keep the IgA down. At 40 a week, it was rising at the rate of about 200 mg/dL a month. Now, it’s on the decline after just a few weeks. See my labs for the latest results.

I don’t like to take 60 mg of dex. The side effects are worse than when I just take 40, of course. The last time I did this though, in August, 2004, my IgA was down in the 800s. When it got back up to over 1500, I decided it was time to take action. Now It’s down to 1183 mg/dL. We’ll see how it is next month, when I have my labs drawn on the 15th of March.

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