Month: January 2004

My dog

My dog is still missing. I hope that she’s safe and warm in someone’s home, and not out in the elements. I miss her very much. I hope she’ll find her way home soon. It seems as though the entire town is looking for her. Even the local postal carriers are on the lookout.

I haven’t been much help in the search for Collie. I’ve been pretty sick. I hope I’ll be well enough tomorrow to go out looking.


Home now

I’m finally home. I found out that while I was gone, my dog got out from the house where she was staying and has not been seen since Monday morning. I’m very sad and worried. The weather here has been terrible. My brothers have been searching for her the last three days and have called every agency in the county. They searched by car and on foot, as well as going door to door in the neighborhood. About 5,000 email messages have been sent out. Please, no matter where you are, pray that she is safe and being taken care of and will find her way home.

Blog spamming

For those people out there who spam weblogs: This one notifies me when any comments are posted, so I’m just going to delete your spam right away. Don’t waste your time and mine by even bothering to spam my blog. Go get a real job, if anyone will even hire you.

The weather

I am at a motel near RDU. I got stuck in FL (not too bad) for an extra day too! The roads are just too icy here to make the drive home, but it’ll be better tomorrow. It’s so nice to be back in NC, where everything doesn’t cost a fortune and people are nice!

Florida drivers

Florida drivers are really heavy-handed when it comes to the use of the car horn. I haven’t heard so much use of the horn since I was in NYC. What’s the deal? I thought the pace of life here was supposed to be relaxed!

Bad weather

The bad weather in NC has me stuck in FL now! Not so bad, since it’s 81 degrees now. Only 24 in NC. I still have a cold too. I did buy some masks to wear on the flight home.

Just my luck

I’m here near Ft Lauderdale, FL to attend the IMF Conference. I must have picked up a virus on the plane though. :( I spent the afternoon and evening in bed, missing the afternoon’s events. I’m going to wear a mask on the flights home, that’s for sure. I bought some Zicam to try to fend off this cold, or whatever it is.

Beth, I’d love to swap some info!


My name is Leigh and I live in Cary, NC. My mom was diagnosed with MM in September. Stage III, but the doctors won’t say A or B. We initially went to Duke, also; I wanted my mom to see the “the very best.” I bet I know which oncologist you worked with; our experiences were uncannily similar!

She did two courses of VDD, both of which made her so sick she was hospitalized over a week each time. She discontinued it and started Thalidomide and Dexamethasone (with Zometa, too, of course,) in early December.

I was planning on going to the IMF meeting in Fort Lauderdale this weekend, too, but my mom was too sick to leave. I’m the only one around to care for her. I hope it’s a useful weekend for you.

Anyway, I’d love to swap experiences and info with you.