Month: September 2004

Nap Time

I take dex on Friday night before I go to bed. That way, I can sleep through some of the first side effects I experience, like the sweating. I feel very speedy and headachey on Saturday. By Sunday, I’m winding down. On Monday I’m usually so tired that it’s hard for me to stay awake. I was taking a nap this afternoon, and became annoyed by my cat. She was crying and swatting at me. I tried yelling at her to leave me alone, but she ignored me and kept on. There was a reason. She had brought me a lizard and left it beside me while I slept. I get really creeped out by lizards.

Made in the USA

Please try to buy goods that are made in the USA. Here’s a site that has listings of US made products. I had trouble using the search function. It didn’t work for me.

I’m concerned about what’s happening with US companies. A hosiery mill near here had over 1000 employees a year ago and now has fewer than 500. They got squeezed by Wal-mart, who only wants to pay pennies for goods they want to sell. When our US companies can’t afford to produce the goods so cheaply, Wal-mart buys them from companies in China. Wal-mart used to make a big deal about selling products made in the USA, but, in order to increase their own profits and make the Waltons richer, they’ve abandoned that. Now they’re saturating ad time with sappy messages about how much they care about their employees and the communities where they have stores. We all know how much they care about their employees. There have been recent cases brought against them for discrimination against women. Their employees say that they keep as many of them as possible below full time status so they don’t have to pay benefits. Another story says they have been shaving time off employees’ paychecks through the electronic timekeeping system. There’s more. All you have to do is go to Google and search: Yeah, I’m upset. I’m tired of seeing big companies run the country. It doesn’t matter which party is in office.

If you have broadband, take some time to watch this PBS Frontline: Tax Me if You Can. The whole program is viewable online. You’ll be surprised at the big companies getting away without paying any taxes. In fact, some even get huge refunds. One US bank received over $100 million. That’s OUR money, folks!

Amazingly unnecessary

The applianceThere’s now a refrigerator with a built-in TV. For about $3,200.00, you can be the first in your neighborhood (if you hurry) to have one of these. I’m sure they’ll be rolling out the doors of your local appliance store in record numbers. I saw an ad for this on television, and the pitch was that this refrigerator brings together the two things you love most: food and TV. I’m glad this thing is beyond what most families can afford.

The refrigerator is a product of LG.