Month: December 2005


At this time, I don’t qualify for the rev/dex trial because my liver function tests are abnormal beyond the allowed range. This morning I went to my local Dr. to have a retest done. It’s been a few weeks since my last test. My liver function was normal before I began the CNTO 328 trial, and then became elevated almost immediately. I think the levels are beyond 5x normal at this point. It’s been about 5 weeks since I last had an infusion, so I’m hoping there’s been some recovery. I’m also having my IgA checked so I can know if I can afford to wait for my liver to recover before I start another treatment.

Happy on Revlimid!

I managed to get onto the Revlimid trial with Decamethasone and this has been the BEST thing that has happened to me in 2 years (since my stem cell transplant)! After Velcade and then a very small special trial my monoclonal protein numbers took right off into the stratosphere! I was very worried. Then within 2 weeks of Revlimid they dropped in HALF! Yes 50%. Two weeks later they halved again! M count was down to less than 15 two weeks ago! I pray that this trend continues and that some maintenance diet will hold it at or close to zero soon. Aspirins seem to be a safe counter to the clotting worry – and given my choices, I am NOT worried about a clot given the gift this drug has given so far! What a fine Christmas gift! I only hope it works for all fellow Myelomians! The thought of Revlimid trial staying suspended is scary. Have not heard what the latest is from Celgene, FDA or anywhere else. Does anyone know what’s the current state?