40 letters

In May, I sent out 40 letters to friends, family and business acquaintances in an effort to raise some money for the IMF. Aside from family members, only 4 people sent in contributions. Those are some special people, and I am sending each one a thank you card. The fund drive continues until August 10th. I hope more will respond. Would it not be difficult to help someone you actually know? I’m trying to figure out why some people don’t contribute. If you want to help, send me your name and address, and I’ll get a letter and envelope off to you immediately! Maybe the letter wasn’t appealing enough. Here’s the letter I used (written by the IMF)

Dear ?First_Name?:
Over the years, we have all contributed to many good causes. Now I have a more personal cause. Along with 15,000 other Americans per year who are diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow, I need your help. The cause of the disease is unknown and there is no known cure. We need more research to find a cure and to develop better treatments for this disease.

There is hope. As a member of the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF), a non-profit organization founded in 1990, I have benefited from a variety of IMF education, research and advocacy programs. I am impressed with the courage of the patients I?ve met, as well as with the volunteers and the small staff that run the IMF. This organization has enabled me to take control and keeps me informed about what I can do regarding the treatment and management of my disease. I?ve also learned that to find a cure, we have to take control of funding more myeloma research. A donation from you will make a difference.

I am asking you to participate with me in Myeloma Awareness Week?s fundraising campaign. People from all over the U.S. are sending out letters like this to everyone they know. Please make your donation to the International Myeloma Foundation before August 10th, 2003. An envelope is enclosed for your convenience. The grand total of the funds raised will be announced during Myeloma Awareness Week. Thank your for your friendship and support.

Does anyone have any suggestions?