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I got the results of my labs from last week. My IgA is at 2116 mg/dL (approx 1300 in October and 1500 in November) and my m-spike is 1.9 g/dL. I had this fantasy that my MM would be stable and I could delay treatment further.

Susan is having her SCT now. She had high dose chemo on the 27th and 28th, and the stem cells were reinfused today. She’s blogging about her experience at http://susansjourneywithmyeloma.blogspot.com/. Stop by and wish her well.

I noticed from my web stats that someone searched on the cost of neupogen. It’s expensive! My 10 day supply of neupogen and catheter care supplies was in the neighborhood of $10,000. This is why I take keeping my insurance very seriously. Even if you have insurance, cancer can be a huge financial burden. I can’t imagine what people go through when they don’t have coverage.

This is the regimen I’ll be starting on the 9th: Velcade 1.3 mg/m2 on days 1, 4, 8, 11. Doxil 30 mg/m2 on day 4 after Velcade that day. I had a bad dream about it a few nights ago. My nightmares are always about being in the hospital and/or having chemo. I usually find out that I was given the wrong dose or the wrong drug, or it was administered improperly (in these dreams).

In the days before cancer, I’d have plane crash dreams. I don’t think anything’s ever going to stop the “back in high school” dreams, where I’m at my current age and somehow I end up in high school again because I was mistakenly graduated. All I can do is protest that it doesn’t matter anymore because I have a university degree and, besides, I’m old enough to drop out anyway. I can’t just walk away, because I’m at boarding school in Wisconsin and I have no car or money. Oh, and I still have the “stuck in San Francisco without any money” dreams.

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  1. minnesotadon

    Thanks for pointing to Susan’s blog.

    I hope and pray that your numbers do stabilize with the new treatment regimen.



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