A sad story

I help out the Collie Rescue of the Carolinas, and sometimes there are stories that just break my heart. I wonder how people can be so cruel? If you have a companion animal, please make sure he or she is neutered or spayed. If a time comes when you can’t take care of your pet, please find a caring rescue organization to help you. They will find a foster home for your dog or cat until a permanent home can be found, and your friend won’t have to suffer needlessly. He or she will still be sad to have to leave home, but will at least be well taken care of.

They have named me Chance because I have truly gotten another chance at life and I hope this one will be better. I was dumped in a water reservoir, put there to drown and I just kept circling and circling until I got tired and started to go under. Some nice men saw me and jumped in a boat and came out to save me. I have been starved to the point that several of my teeth have fallen out due to malnutrition. So covered in flea feces that the water from my fur ran blood red when in the bath. I am a wonderful sweet guy who loves other dogs, cats and children. I was housetrained in one week and will let you know when ready to go out by knocking on the door. I am a senior collie and need a nice home and family to live out my days.

If you would like to adopt Chance or another well-deserving collie, please send email to JSmith@collierescue.net