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I started blogging 2003, soon after I learned I had myeloma. I’ve been lucky in recent years, because a 2007 SCT has rendered my myeloma stable.

I found that blogging really gave me a sense of power over my condition.  I strongly recommend that anyone with a serious health challenge consider blogging.

If you want a blog, please contact me.  I can set one up for you on healthblogs.org.  Please also let me know if you already have a blog and want it to appear on meylomablogs.org!

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  1. frouke goldberg

    my husband was in 2000 diagnosed with MM. Had a transplant[ autologous] He was in partial remission for all those years. now he has to have treatment again.
    I would like to be on your blog and hope to get some answers and more knowledge, that I and my husband can share

  2. Michael Foxworth


    I have tweeted and posted your blog and link to your last post on CANswer?WORTH alt@cities® http://flip.it/dEbHl via @flipboard. I am a fellow SCT survivor (2007) from MCL (2006), so I am please to meet you in this way.

  3. Carole Leigh Ingram

    Hello Beth,
    Congratulations on your stable myeloma since 2007. That is inspiring to me! I was diagnosed with high risk multiple myeloma in January of 2010 and had a stem cell transplant at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance a year ago. Prior to that I had radiation for a plasmacytoma and was on thalidomide, dexamethasone and velcade. I am in remission now and feeling quite well. In fact, I am kind of feeling back to normal even though I know there is no cure for MM.

    I have kept a journal (sometimes sporadically) and I recently began posting it on a blog. It is just my journey through the last two years, but my counselor at the cancer center thought I should share, so I took the plunge! My blog is Compelled CLarity at caroleleigh.blogspot.com. I would be honored to be included in your list of blogs.

    Thank you for the work you are doing help keep all of us informed on this disease.

    Best regards,
    Carole Leigh Ingram