Academic excellent!

I’ve started master’s degree programs three times in the last 18 years, and have quit each time.  I’ve wanted to finish for forever, but something always gets in the way.  I filled out an interest form at one of the UNC web sites, and immediately received an autoreply.  I think the same person who writes a lot of the menus for Chinese restaurants wrote this.
Academic excellent


  1. Janet

    I always find it quite humorous to see things put out by universities with typos or incorrect grammar. I see lots of examples working at a university. The bathroom door in our building has the “N” backwards. You’d think if anyone could get it right, we could.

    Good luck on moving forward with your education.


  2. Margaret

    Hahahaha! I love this type of thing…you should send it along to Richard Lederer, of Anguished English fame. ;-)


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