Add Biaxin?

I emailed my doctor, asking what I can do about the small increases in my IgA. First of all, he did say that the increase can be from polyclonal IgA (the good ones). This is a possibility, since my IgG is also going up. He should be back from the ASH meeting now, and hopefully I’ll have an appointment soon. Anyway, I asked him if I should do another 4 days on/4 days off of dex, and he said he’d rather see me increase my dose of Thalomid. Hmm. Not me. I’m already feeling the effects of peripheral neuropathy from the 50 mg/day I’ve been taking since last April. I can forget I have cancer all day long, but I can’t forget I have nerve damage. So, based on the experiences of others, I am going to ask for the addition of Biaxin to my meds.

Adding Biaxin