If you’re reading this and don’t have cancer, I recommend the AFLAC cancer policy. I don’t know what possessed me to get this for myself, but I’m glad I did. AFLAC pays money to help cover costs by sending checks for chemo and trips you might make to get a second opinion. So far, they have covered my bone marrow biopsy, each month of Zometa/Aredia, Thalomid and dex. It doesn’t pay for everything, but is intended to provide supplemental coverage. It’s paid directly to you, not the healthcare provider. For example, each month I have received a check for $300 for my Thalomid rxes. I have also received $300 for each of my Zometa infusions. Whatever I paid in was well worth it. I hope I don’t ever need it, but I also bought the long term care policy (AKA nursing home insurance).

My AFLAC rep’s sister has MM.

AFLAC’s web site