Yesterday I was at Dr. P’s office to have some blood drawn. I’ll go back again next week for Zometa and to get the results from yesterday’s labs. I mentioned that, since I went to standard dose dex, I’ve been having a lot more problems with queasiness and nausea. They said they can call in something for me to take when I need it. They use compazine and ativan in combination. However, since I’m still in a trial, they want me to get permission from the doc at Wake Forest first.

Speaking of Wake forest, they were recently in the news. Google this: White blood cells from a strain of cancer-resistant mice cured advanced cancers in ordinary laboratory mice, researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine reported. And this: Wake Forest Physician Reports First Human Recipients of Laboratory-Grown Organs.

I’m lucky I live where I do. I’m within a reasonable driving distance of three really great research hospitals: Wake Forest, UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University. The Wake Forest Clinical Cancer Center is my favorite so far. :) It’s shiny & new!

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  1. Lopo

    Great news those from Wake. Give some hope, I think!

    Hope you get better soon so we can continue our conversations.
    Rest as much as you need. Your health and well being first.

    Warmest regards.


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