I have an appointment with one of the BMT doctors at UNC on August 19th. We’ll talk about all that’s involved. Does anyone have any suggestions for questions I should ask? UNC does have a nice site they use to explain the process:

The thing that scares me the most is the high dose chemo. I seem to be sensitive to drugs, and (I think I wrote about this before) my primary MM doc says that he has concerns about this. I’ll naturally bring this up with the BMT doc when I see him.

I am always interested in learning about the experiences of others with their stem cell transplants. If you can relay your story, and would like to share with others, I made a special section on called “Stem Cell Stories.”

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  1. Robert F. Oberle

    Beth, Re: your SCT interview. I feel it is very important for you to meet the N.P. (usually a Master’s level RN) who is in charge of the program. This is the gal (or guy) who tells the physicians what is going on.
    They should be very highly experienced in SCT’s and BMT’s. From my experience, this is the person who pulls the whole program together! If you get the feeling that you are being “rushed”, I’d run like hell…there is no reason for them to push you. The physician should spend a lot of pre-decision time with you, mainly in order to answer questions and allay your natureal fears. Ask what kind of follow up they have, post SCT discharge. They should keep in really close contact, running CBC’s and Chems every other day, at least. If you can, meet some of the nurses on the ONC floor…they are the real key to your recovery.
    Good Luck, and keep us posted! I wouldn’t worry too much about the high-dose Melphalan…they have to give you a “lethal” dose regardless, in order to kill your marrow. The nasty side effects are well managed with the new anti-nauseants (anzamet, zofran, atavan, etc)


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