2004 Toyota SiennaI had an appointment with my Pinehurst oncologist this morning. I called in to say I wouldn’t make it, and they gave me a later appointment time. I’ll be seeing Dr. R. in Boston in less than a week, and I’ll have an appointment with Dr. O. in Chapel Hill after I get back from Boston.

Yesterday was kind of a fun day. I got a Toyota Sienna. It’s a nice van. I got the van so I could take my dog places with me. She was never able to get herself into the back seat of my car. I always had to lift her. I don’t lift anything over 25 lbs anymore, so no more car rides. She doesn’t have trouble stepping up into a van though, so this problem is solved. I hope to take lots of trips over the next few years. I went many years without taking any vacations, and am going to catch up now.

I have an appointment for acupuncture later today. I kind of lost interest in a lot of things over the last 3-4 weeks. I need to get back to doing some of the things that helped me so much in the beginning, like acupuncture and guided visual imagery.