I have a cold, and it’s making me miserable. Two of our staff were also home sick today.

Why isn’t there a pill that makes a cold go away? One of my friends thinks there’s a conspiracy among the manufacturers of otc cold remedies to block research into a cure for the cold. That sounds dubious to me. Imagine all the money there would be to be made on a cold cure!

I seem to get a bad cold every year. I had one this time last year too, but I didn’t know I had MM yet. If I remember correctly, it took me a little longer to get over it than usual. We’ll see how it goes this year. I think I’m actually healthier now than I was then!

My brother made a hot brew of jalapeno, rosemary, lime, ginger and garlic for me to drink. Yum. It was supposed to clear up my head and lungs. I didn’t get that result though. Maybe it wasn’t strong enough. I’m not supposed to have too much ginger because I’m taking Coumadin. Anything that thins the blood any more is something I want to be careful about.

When I have a cold, I crave very hot and spicy foods. Give me a pile of really spicy burritos and I’ll be happy for a short while. I have an aversion to plain water when I have a sore throat, so I mix a little orange juice with seltzer water and drink lots of that.

I think I must have picked this up when I went to see my local oncologist Monday. The place was packed! Standing room only. When he asked if I needed labs drawn, I said I didn’t. There were at least a dozen people standing in line at the lab. I just wanted to get out of there. Large crowds make me nervous during cold and flu season. I can have my blood drawn at UNC when I go next time.

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  1. Robert

    Although too late for this cold, I can personally recommend to you a product called Zi-Cam. It turned off my last cold on its 2nd day like a light switch. It’s a zinc based gel that somehow prevents replication of rhinovirus in the nasal areas. It works, and it’s a miracle in my book. It is curative, and I’ve been telling everyone I know since I experienced it. Good luck!

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