Argh! Not Enough Sleep!

I took my 40 mg of dex last night, and then let myself stay up until 4:30 am before I took xanax to help me sleep.

Why don’t I take it midnight? I don’t know, except that dex can make you do weird things. I got involved in cleaning my stove, includeing the burners and the little pans underneath that trap all the gunk from cooking. My brother, a chef, is staying here for a bit, and he is one messy cook. Normally, I keep the pans all shiny! When they get bad, I buy new ones. :)

I also started to post some things for sale on ebay that I no longer want or need. If you’re in the market for a guitar, let me know! I have a few I want to sell. My fingers have such a weird feeling in them from taking the Thalomid, that it just feels very uncomfortable to press down on the strings. I can’t picture myself just playing slide guitar.

So, anyway, I didn’t sleep enough. I even took another xanax when I woke up too early, but it just didn’t do the trick. I’m not the napping kind of person, so I’m probably just up for the day.

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