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From a recent edition of mental_floss magazine:

In these tough economic times, any industry with significant job growth should be cheered, so here’s to Elvis impersonation. When Elvis died in 1977, there were 43 professional Elvii (that’s the plural form, because we said so). In 1990, there were 10,000. In 2000, some 35,000. At this rate, some have projected that one out of every three humans will be an Elvis impersonator by the year 2020.

“Fear Factors.” mental_floss Jul-Aug. 2004: 14

New Endocrinologist

I went to see an Endocrinologist on Wednesday. He’s a really nice doc, and spent a lot of time with me. We wanted to find out a few things about how treatment is impacting me, so he drew blood and I am having a bone mineral density scan next Wednesday. He’s testing for quite a few things. Vitamin D and calcium, thyroid, average blood glucose levels over the last 3 months. Heck, I don’t remember what all. He said it would take a few weeks for all the tests to come back. Isn’t science amazing sometimes?

Negative buzz

I have the most terrible cable Internet service in existence. If I didn’t live outside my own DSL service area, I wouldn’t have to use Charter Cable. I’ve even entertained moving so I can get DSL!

During the holiday weekend, there have been between 12-13 hours without service, and still counting. Last month I called in to report that my service was down, and was told it was my cable modem. I bought another one, and after being without service the entire weekend, called in to have it provisioned. At that time I was told there had been a fiber cut. Geez. I have an extra cable modem if anyone’s looking to buy one.

If you’re in NC, and you have a choice between Charter Cable for broadband and anything else, pick anything else.

Relay for Life

Today I walked a few laps around the track at the high school for the ACS Relay for Life. I took along my niece and nephew and their mom, my sister. It was a hot, sunny day. I forgot to sign the banner before I left, but they’ll be there until 10 tonight! I can go back and do that later on.

It was a good event. Lots of local people turned up to show their support. The Southern Pines Fire Department was there with a truck. I was sure my nephew would love to sit in the truck, but he got scared and shy! Maybe next year! My niece did get up into the truck, put on a helmet, and had a great time.

I’m crashing a bit from dex, so I’m tired!

From Dr. O.

This is a response to a question I asked:

Dear Beth:

I did see it and had mentioned it in my e-mail, but I guess it was a
little buried in with the other stuff. The M-spike was too small to
quantify from this recent visit, which is what these days we call a
near-CR, but since it seems to be dropping maybe a CR is in sight as


Lab results

I’ve been worried about some abnormal lab results. Usually I don’t have any abnormals except for the MM. This time I have elevated calcium, phosphorus, LDH, WBC and abs neuts. The WBC and neuts are from the dexamethasone. I didn’t know about the LDH, so I asked my dcotor, and his response was:

“As for the LDH, this is a very non-specific test, and can be elevated for any of a number of reasons, with myeloma being only one of them. Since your protein level was too low to quantify on the SPEP, however, I would not be worried about that.”

The calcium, he said would be dealt with by the Zometa infusiuon. I never had high calcium before, and it has only started being that way since I began taking a daily calcium +D supplement. I have stopped that as of yesterday!

I will be seeing an endocrinologist on June 2nd. He can help me with calcium levels, the glucose intolerance I have on dex days and the hormone levels that must be messed up from dex! I know there must be some, because I have amenorrhea. Aside from the obvious, amenorrhea is nice because my RBC and HGB are waaaaay up! Check my labs and you’ll see. In Jan last year, my HGB was 13.0 and RBC was 3.96. A few days ago, they were 15.6 and 4.84. A little lower in May, but Aunt Flo was here last week for the first time since last summer.

It’s a dex night and I am up at 2:00 am. I have to take a sleep aid and get to bed!!

Relay For Life of Moore County

Start date and time
5/29/2004 10:00AM

End date and time
5/29/2004 10:00PM

A opening ceremony at the beginning of the event with the survivor lap immediately following. Luminaria ceremony is at dusk and then the closing ceremony is about 10 pm that night.

Additional Information
A luminaria is a sand-filled bag with a lighted candle which is placed around the track in honor of someone who has or has had cancer or in memory of someone who has died of cancer. They can be purchased before or during the event for $10.00 each.

Appropriate attire

Location and Contact Information

Pine Crest High School
HWY 15/501
Southern Pines, NC 28388

Amy Millard

(910) 949-2599