Author: Beth

Dex day one

Here we go again. It’s the first day of four days of dex for me (at 40 mg/day).

When I take dex, I feel really speedy. I notice a more rapid heart rate, I feel very jittery, I talk a lot, have trouble sleeping and become easily agitated. My knee joints want to stop working too. They seem really weak. It all gets better a few days after I’ve finished the 4 days.

To combat most of the symptoms I take xanax and I do acupuncture twice a week instead of once. Acupuncture really helps me to relax, so I recommend it for that, if for no other reason.


I got another bill from the local hospital. This one was for Zometa. I’ve had eight treatments so far. I was under the impression that my insurance covered it all, because I hadn’t received a bill for any portion of it. Each infusion is a little under $1,600.00 here. Thank goodness I have insurance, even if it doesn’t cover everything 100%.

Thanks everyone!

  • I meant to mention that Dan B. called a few days ago after I expressed (again) my transplant fears. Thanks Dan!
  • Thanks for dropping me a line, Kim!
  • Gia, thanks for always checking up on me, and for burning the candle.
  • Thanks to my family for helping me out when I need it. (And even when I don’t!)