B vitamins to improve neuropathy?

I had a visit to the podiatrist Friday to have a foot problem checked out. I also let him know about my grade 1 neuropathy. He suggested something called Metanx, and gave me two 5 day sample packs. It’s a Rx only supplement. It actually says, “Medical food” on the box. That means it won’t be covered by insurance, unfortunately. I’ll give it a try though, and let you know how it works. He said it’s not for the painful kind of neuropathy. For that, he prescribes Lyrica or Cymbalta, which he says are well-tolerated.
Here’s the Metanx web site if you’re interested.


  1. rose murphy

    i have been on metanx it works wonderful .. i am haveing a problem now with the expense wish there was some help i could find on it somewhere .. used to get it for a three dollar copay pamlab helped on it and now its going to cost me thirty some dollars with them offering a five dollar deduction now .. my doctor wants me on metanx not folate i do so with they would start covering this script .. for diabetics with neuropathy … would love to hear from anyone that might come up with some company helping out on the cost of this med other then just five dollar coupon thanks ..

  2. Benjamin Lankheet

    Vitamin B and PN. I discovered that the use of “Super vitamin B complex” almost completely reversed the numbness in my toes and fingers (PN). When I skip it for a day or two, the PN comes back. I go back on it (one pill per day) and the PN is MOSTLY GONE in 24 hours. It never eliminates it 100%. Makes my urine very yellow and upsets my stomach slightly. I started this after reading many articles on things tried for PN, where vitamin B was a common part of many plans. I am a physician and cannot explain why this works, but it sure works on me. Easily worth a try, let me know if it works for you too. Not expensive. My oncologist supports it but is at a loss on how it works. BTW, Hi Beth.

    Ben (MM for 5 years)

    • Beth

      Hi Ben! Thanks for the info. I’m going to give it a try. I’ll let you know how it goes.

      Five years! Yay! I am starting my eight year now!

  3. minnesotadon

    Hi Beth,

    There is a 2003 Mayo Clinic Study showing that alpha lipoic acid has a beneficial effect on diabetic neuropathy. That’s not the same thing, of course, but just the same I do take some every day.


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