Beth, I’d love to swap some info!


My name is Leigh and I live in Cary, NC. My mom was diagnosed with MM in September. Stage III, but the doctors won’t say A or B. We initially went to Duke, also; I wanted my mom to see the “the very best.” I bet I know which oncologist you worked with; our experiences were uncannily similar!

She did two courses of VDD, both of which made her so sick she was hospitalized over a week each time. She discontinued it and started Thalidomide and Dexamethasone (with Zometa, too, of course,) in early December.

I was planning on going to the IMF meeting in Fort Lauderdale this weekend, too, but my mom was too sick to leave. I’m the only one around to care for her. I hope it’s a useful weekend for you.

Anyway, I’d love to swap experiences and info with you.



  1. Beth

    Leigh, did you get my reply via regular email? — Beth

  2. Beth

    Hi Leigh. I sent a reply via email. Did you get it? – Beth

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