Bleah. IgA is up.

Since my last check a few weeks ago, my serum IgA is up almost 200 mg/dL. I guess that’ll teach me to stop my thalidomide. It’s at 1044 mg/dL now, and hasn’t been that high since before last May. I wanted to finish my masters degree before I do a transplant, so I need to keep it under control until then (summer and fall semesters are the last ones). I’m going to take 40mg of dex on Fridays and 20 on Saturdays, starting tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes when I get labs done next month.


  1. Bob Oberle

    Good Evening, Beth. re: rising IgA. It is possible that the rise is a normal reaction to the bad cold that you reported in an earlier post. IgA normally reacts to infections of the intestine and mucus membranes. If your M-spike has not risen (I believe you are reporting a .2Gm/dl), the IgA may be a normal increase. In this case, your immune system is doing what it is supposed to do: create antibodies against viral infections.
    Best regards, and the new pup looks like a good dog!
    Bob Oberle

  2. Beth Morgan

    I would do it at UNC

  3. Nellie Irvine

    Beth, where would you have your transplant?

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