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We’ve been working on creating more planets like the Myeloma Planet.  The next two to be launched will be the Leukemia and Lymphoma Planets.  If you have (or someone you know has) a blog about their leukemia or lymphoma experiences, please click on the Contact Tab and let me know about it.  We’ll add it to the feeds.

Here’s some news from the garden!

I have one tomato that’s almost ready to be picked, there are some jalapenos and one broccoli plant that’s showing signs of actually becoming broccoli.  Green beans are still a bit off in the future, as are the squash.  There’s been loads of rain and lots of hot sun.


  1. jerry dodson

    Veggies and fruits are always much better if it is straight from the garden.. They are all fresh and no chemicals added. It’s a great idea and thank you myeloma planet.

  2. Cloud Hosting

    I love the way Planet Myeloma has evolved. Thank you for the work to give credibility to us bloggers

  3. bill

    Great job beth – I have a friend that just finished his 6th cycle w/ AML. He’s “not a blog kinda guy” – much more of a public speaker (much to the distress of the people that have to listen :)

    But this is a great idea and the myeloma planet has been huge!

    tx again!!!

  4. Beth

    I ate one this morning! Yum!

  5. Paula Kilgallon

    I love the smell of fresh home grown tomatoes, well the greenery.

  6. John


    I love the way Planet Myeloma has evolved. Thank you for the work to give credibility to us bloggers.

  7. Susie Hemingway

    They look wonderful and Veggies are always so much better straight from the garden. I have just posted a recipe on FB using Mange Tout from my sisters garden – simply divine and so tasty. It looks like you are doing really well. Living in a Village like we do, many of us grow our own veggies and it makes such a difference to the taste and knowing that nothing else is added to help them grow, which is so important these days. My best wishes to you. x


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