Bloody ‘ell

That’s what someone said when I told him the trial drug I’m on has raised my triglycerides to 1300 mg/dL. I think it’s appropriate here. It was known that CNTO 328 could affect lipids, so that’s why they’ve been testing every few weeks. Believe it or not, when I had my first test, they forgot to tell me to fast, so I had a rather unhealthy breakfast on the way to the hospital. Loaded with fat and starch. Bad, I know. But, my lipid panel was really good anyway! Cholesterol was 137 and the triglycerides were a little elevated (224 I think). LDL and HDL were good. In fact the LDL cholesterol was only 54. When Rey, from UNC, called to tell me they had to start me on meds for the triglycerides, I was curious and asked, “Is it over 500?” Imagine my surprise upon hearing it was over 1300! Until yesterday, I never knew that such elevated tg can cause pancreatitis. I’ve been prescribed Gemfibrozil, which I started taking last night. I also made sure to do more exercise, which is something I plan on doing every day now. Not just leisurely walks with the dog anymore.

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  1. lankheet


    1300 is very high, in the range that causes pancreatitis. That needs to be addressed.



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