Boston Globe article

There was an article in the Boston Globe online called, “Advances begin to tame cancer” from 7/6/2003. The following quote is taken from that article:

An audacious prediction The prediction that pain and death from cancer
will be eliminated by 2015 — rendering it essentially a chronic, old age
disease — comes from National Cancer Institute director Dr. Andrew C. von
Eschenbach, who runs the most influential cancer research agency in the
world, giving him an unequaled perch to examine the scope and pace of cancer
science. And he is floored by what he sees.

”Many, many people are living with cancer under control. And many
more will do so in the future. It will become like diabetes or
hypertension,” he said in an interview, underscoring that his agency is
committed to meeting the 2015 goal.

I mentioned the article to one of the chemo nurses I saw yesterday. She thinks it’s too optimisitic to believe that cancer will be under control by 2015. I happen to think it’s possible, and am hoping that we’ll see something much, much sooner.