Candidate addresses US health care needs

I had the extreme good fortune of meeting the challenger for the NC Sixth Congressional District seat, Teresa Sue Bratton. I asked her to give me a few seconds of her time and asked what she believed was one of the most important issues we face. Dr. Bratton (MD) wants us to have better health care and prevention. I agree 100%.  In a country were health insurance is tied to our jobs, it’s one of the first things to go when we get sick.  A catastrophic illness can result in job loss, which results in the loss of coverage.  Then what?

Dr. Bratton knows that we can prevent many diseases through education and by making better choices. We also need to fill the gap between the insured and uninsured. Nobody should have to go without health care when it’s needed.

Please visit her web site for more information and please vote! My vote’s going to Dr. Bratton.

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  1. Crystal

    I have to agree 100%. I have had nothing but issues because my health insurance is always tied to employment and getting individual health coverage is so expensive (not affordable at all). When I was a student I was given marginal health coverage and it was just not enough to cover my health problems. This resulted in thousands of dollars in medical bills that I had to take out loans to pay. The cycle is vicious and uncalled for. Kudos to Dr. Bratton. She sounds like an excellent choice.

    If you can, I would like to talk to you about a possible link on your blog. Could you please contact me through email. Thanks so much!


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