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Message from a reader

I got this message from a blog reader, Earl.  I wanted to share it.


Here is my story concerning my reversal of a pre-cancerous prostate, called high grade PIN.
On January 3, 2002 I had a PSA level of 4.6 indicating my prostate was in trouble. I went to a Urologist, he took a biopsy, I had a pre-cancerous prostate ( which means I did not have cancer, however 70 % of high grade PIN patients go to full blown prostate cancer within a year). I had all the ingredients that were suppose to lead to prostate cancer ( abnormal cells galore). The doctor said "only" that we will have to watch it. I didn’t like the answer so I said I will do more than watch, I will fix it. I went on the on the Internet and researched the "alternative health solutions"  to fixing the problem. I did so and applied the information. I had a biopsy in mid August of 2007; the biopsy showed no traces what so ever of the pre- cancerous cells! The Urologists believed I had changed the structure of my bad pre-cancerous cells back to normal.
Here is what I did. First let me speak briefly about curcumin.It is the new "alternative health hope" for MM. My wife passed away from MM 10 years ago. I started taking it several months ago. Two things became apparent to me recently. My C reactive protein count ( CRP) is .2 as of a reading I obtained  last week ( after taking curcumin) and my Triglycerides were 71, over a (30) point drop from my last reading. Why is that important? Inflammation seems to be a big factor in cancer and therefore MM as well. I am not a doctor and cannot speak in technical terms nor provide scientific evidence of results occurring in my body. I can only speak  anecdotally. I took the CRP test to determine  my risk for heart attacks; I learned below 1 is low risk; between 1-3 is a moderate risk; between 3-10 is high risk. I was reading a blog about MM and a man was suggesting CRP is very relevant to cancer and MM. So my CRP reading was VERY GOOD to say the least. However there is more to my story and other factors that might have made my CRP go down as well.
Briefly, my program to get rid of my pre-cancerous prostate was/is the following: I lost 25 lbs and maintained the weight loss. I went to a diet of ALL organic foods, no read meat (chicken and fish instead), stopped drinking and smoking, walked every day, bought a vita mix and juiced up to 50 ounces plus every day, with few exceptions, of "vegetables only." I occasionally had fruit but in much lower amounts due to the sugar content. I ate two table spoonfuls of "ground flaxseed". I had a table spoonful of cod liver oiI, had 3 oz. of Noni juice, 1000 grams of vitamin C; Saw Pallmento, selenium, Zinc, 600 mg of NAC (N acycetal cysteine),  tomato soup daily, bought a purifier for my faucet,  WAS EXTREMELY DISCIPLINED and did not deviate. Why? I was scared I was going to die.
I used broccoli, kale, parsley,carrots,  and cabbage (red) mixed with water. My taking curcumin (mixed with heated olive oil) must be taken in context with the above information.
Anyone reading this might correctly conclude this guy is a bit over the edge; I can understand that conclusion. However, I made a choice to live and go through some sacrifices for awhile…… worked. My life style change caused all kinds of other good things to happen to my body…….need less to say, I really feel good. It was a wake up call for me. I hope this information can help someone……I know the fear of cancer. What I learned through my experience gave "me control"……I could actually do something about my body to make it better. When the doctor said we should "watch the high grade PIN" ……..initially I felt hopeless. Then I took control; unfortunately or fortunately, you have to do "it" yourself………place it in your mind and do it.
I truly hope this information will help others. Always believe you can do it……..if you think you can , you can….if you think you can’t , you can’t.

Day +3

This will be day +3. Yesterday wasn’t too terrible. I had a few periods of nausea. A local Reiki practictioner came to the apartment to help me through the second one. It really did help. I ended up asleep, which was good. If you’ve had a stem cell rescue of any kind, I wonder if you experienced the intense discomfort I did when the cells were being infused? I felt pressure/discomfort/pain across my midsection. It was unpleasant. I don’t mean to scare anyone, but if that did happen to you too, you weren’t alone. I have a way to go before I can go home. They expect that I could go as early as day +16. Right now I feel just fine. When I wake up for real, in a couple of hours, I’ll try to find my labs and record them here.

This is day +1

Even though I’m still having more stem cells infused today, it’s still called day +1.  Yesterday was uncomfortable.  I believe it was  a reaction to the preservative, DMSO.  I felt a great deal of pressure and discomfort in my chest while the stem cells were being infused.  Luckily, there are fewer to do today.

I’m keeping up on the ativan and compazine to try to avoid any nausea.  So far, I’ve felt a little queasy, but nothing major.  I’ve been told that after  day 5, I should be past that.

My iPod broke last night, so Todd went and got another one for me.  I have some things to transfer over.

I just saw Dr. Long, who is a great doctor.  I highly recommend him if you’re in the market for a stem cell transplant.

NC get together this summer for Myeloma patients/caregivers/families

We’re trying to organize a get together this summer for members of the lists (and others) who live in or near NC, or who will be in NC this summer. The subject is wide open in terms of what, when and where. Anyone who would like to get together for a picnic or some other informal gathering can use my contact form to let me know. Once we have a list of potential attendees, we’ll be better able to select a date and location that won’t be too difficult for most of us to work with. We hope this will be the first of many to come!

Please fill out my contact form if you’d like to be in on this. Let’s have some fun!

B vitamins to improve neuropathy?

I had a visit to the podiatrist Friday to have a foot problem checked out. I also let him know about my grade 1 neuropathy. He suggested something called Metanx, and gave me two 5 day sample packs. It’s a Rx only supplement. It actually says, “Medical food” on the box. That means it won’t be covered by insurance, unfortunately. I’ll give it a try though, and let you know how it works. He said it’s not for the painful kind of neuropathy. For that, he prescribes Lyrica or Cymbalta, which he says are well-tolerated.
Here’s the Metanx web site if you’re interested.


Tom posted this on the list today.

A Reunion of Friends
Eighteen years ago, Pete Slosberg, of Pete’s Wicked Ale fame, brought Alan Shapiro and Virginia MacLean into his company. While these long-time friends later pursued different professional paths, the news that MacLean had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of bone cancer, brought them back together. They have reunited to create a beer inspired by Pete’s early recipes, and dedicated to raising awareness and support for the Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research in Los Angeles.

Reunion-A Beer for Hope is an organic imperial brown ale brewed by Slosberg and Dan Del Grande at Bison Brewing Company’s organic brewery in Berkeley, CA. It is brewed with six different organic malts, three different hops and dryhopped. It is 7.5% alcohol by volume. Reunion will be sold in 22 ounce screen-printed bottles via Shapiro’s SBS-Imports distributor network in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, and Illinois. It has a suggested price of $4.99 per bottle.
All profits generated by SBS from the sale of REUNION will benefit IMBCR.

The web site is

Visit the IMBCR web site to see a video of Debbie Reynolds talking about MM!