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Thanks for the article

I wanted to say thanks to Matt Moriarty at the Pilot for helping to raise awareness about MM by writing an article about my campaign to raise funds for the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF). If you’re local, and would like to make a tax deductible donation, you can click on the link to the left or drop your check made out to the International Myeloma Foundation at our office at 285 West New York Avenue in Southern Pines. The IMF is rated 4 stars by, so you know your donation will be put to good use.

I wanted to make a correction or two to the article content. I’m not sure how I came to have myeloma. One of the possible causes of MM is exposure to too much radiation, but (as far as I know), I’ve never had anything more than xrays. I did work in an industry for a short time in which a lot of toxic chemicals are used.

My stem cells are frozen at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem. The procedure to have them reinfused is non-invasive. The cells are thawed and then returned to the patient intravenously.

Advances in cancer research are being accomplished almost daily. There are some who believe a cure for MM is within the realm of possibility in the not to distant future! The good news about much of this research is that it can be applied to other diseases. Velcade, a proteasome inhibitor approved for MM, is now being tested for use against lymphomas, leukemias, lung cancers and others.


I’m urging all readers to resist the urge to watch OJ Simpson on television or to buy his book. I’m not even going to say what US network will be airing the interview or when. You, the readers of this blog, are a smart and decent bunch, so this isn’t really directed at you. I’m hoping others will stumble upon the message and take heed. Why not go out for a pizza instead? It won’t be as unhealthy for you as inviting OJ back into your lives!

Health Hazards

I just read this article and can identify.

How mounting medical costs are plunging more families into debilitating debt and why insurance doesn’t always keep them out of bankruptcy.

By: Karen Springen, Newsweek

August 22, 2006, Newsweek on

Hair loss

Some major hair loss started yesterday. There’s so much of it that I called my neighbor, who has a salon, to see if he could shave my head for me. I think it will be better that way. I’ll know for sure at 5, when it happens!

Black River Falls

I just finished Black River Falls, by Ed Gorman. I think I need to buy all of his books now. This one was good. It was a fast read and kept my attention. I really haven’t been able to read much since I took thalidomide. I was fortunate enough to have an autographed copy, sent to me by Ed. Check out his bibliography.

Right now, I’m listening to Freakonomics on my iPod.