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More surgery

Mom had surgery last week. A lumpectomy, which was intended to remedy DCIS and prepare her for radiation. However, on Monday, the surgeon’s nurse called and let her know that there was more cancer in the margins and that a mastectomy was in order. I don’t disagree with that. It seems the safest thing to do for the long term. But I want my mom to get a second opinion about what should be happening in the future. I think mom needs to be cared for in the long run by a specialist. I found someone at UNC, and the doctor there even called mom at home to see if she had any questions! Mom is shutting us down every time we bring this up. :(

In my own experience with cancer (albeit a different kind), I’ve learned that your health is in your own hands. You get out of healthcare what you put into it. Nothing more, unless you’re EXTREMELY lucky. I’ve seen so many examples of people putting their trust in doctors and nurses and then having nothing but heartbreak when the staff doesn’t care as much as one would think they should. Everyone needs to be active in every aspect of his or her own healthcare. This applies whether you have a disease or are healthy.

Anyway, please send some good enegry out to my mom so she can get through this. Help her to see how it could really help her to go to a specialist!

More news from

Dear Member, coalition supporters took to the pavement last week in 25 cities nationwide, delivering our petitions <> to their senators and urging them to oppose the phone and cable company attempt to gut Net Neutrality.From Buffalo to Fayetteville, Orlando to Seattle, the broad outpouring of public support for Net Neutrality came as the Senate’s August recess ended, and elected representatives return to Washington and the business of making laws. On Wednesday and Thursday, supporters spoke back to the big phone and cable companies. Their message to Senators: “Don’t sell out the Internet. Serve the public interest. Support real Net Neutrality.”In each location, citizens urged their senators to place the needs of the public and our democracy ahead of the interest of phone and cable lobbyists.

Petition delivery events were held at senators’ offices in New York and Buffalo (NY); Fayetteville (AR); Des Moines; Detroit; Denver; Boston; Newark(NJ); Providence(RI); Baltimore; Portland (ME); Seattle and Spokane (WA); Eau Claire, Milwaukee and Madison (WI); Montpelier (VT); Wilmington (DE); Orlando (FL); Honolulu; Louisville (KY); Columbus (OH); Charleston (WV); Minneapolis; and, earlier this month, in Albuquerque and Santa Fe (NM).

You can follow ongoing developments at the blog <> .As senators return to the Beltway this week, their constituents have put the issue sharply into focus. We need to continue exerting pressure through September and beyond to ensure meaningful Net Neutrality protections in Congress.Thanks to you, there is now a growing sense of inevitability that Net Neutrality is something that politicians must protect under law.


Timothy Karr

Campaign Director


Upcoming Week

The upcoming week will be busy. On Monday, I’ll be taking mom to see a radiologist. On Thursday, she’ll be having surgery. Just a little over a week ago, we were told she has DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ). It has a nearly 100% cure rate if treated properly, and that means surgery, radiation and possibly Tamoxifen. I haven’t had much time to research this kind of cancer yet, but have talked to a few people who have had it. In a few days though, it will have been removed. The surgery is done outpatient under general anesthesia. I’m not sure how long after the radiation will follow. It’s not going to be external radiation, it will be MammoSite radiation. It takes 5 days (10 visits) to complete, as opposed to the typically 50+ visits for external radiation. I’ll post more as I learn.

Where does your Senator stand?

Dear blogger,Net neutrality supporters are gearing up against a Senate vote on Sen. Ted “The Internet is a Series of Tubes” Stevens’ telecommunications bill (S 2686). This bad bill fails to protect Net Neutrality. To preserve Internet freedom, we need to be sure that this bill gets overhauled or stopped in its tracks.

Today, we launched a Senate map that makes it ridiculously easy to a) figure out where your Senators stand, and b) urge them to take a public stance in support of Internet freedom. The goal is to get as many senators on the record as possible before any vote on the Senate floor. You (and your readers) can help the cause by checking out the map and flooding the Senate with calls.

July is a pivotal month. The Senate leadership won’t schedule a vote on Stevens’ bad bill unless 60 senators say they’ll vote for it. Now’s the time to call senators and tell them to support Net Neutrality instead — and to oppose last-ditch industry efforts to push through a bill that more and more Americans are turning against.

We’re not the only ones who’ve been busy; there’s lots of creative work being produced in support of Net Neutrality. Check out this techno remix of Sen. Stevens’ recent speech, a slew of new clips on the videos page and other artistic output at the blog.

We need more creativity like this to call attention to what the telcos are trying to get away with — but eventually it all boils down to what the Senate does. So don’t forget to check out the map, call your Senators, and encourage your friends/readers to do the same.

With your help, we can match the millions of dollars spent by AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth with millions of citizens speaking up for Internet freedom.

Tim Karr


Persey (nickname for Persephone), a little schipperke was put to rest today after the vet diagnosed her with kidney failure. She was 16 years old. She also suffered from Cushings. She was a puppy that I got those many years ago, but could not care for her and almost immediately gave her to a friend. She’s no longer suffering, and we will see her again one day.

Keep your pets inside, please

For reasons I can’t elaborate too much on, I want to urge everyone (no matter where you are) to keep you pets indoors. If you MUST have them out, do not do so without being there to supervise them. I have a good reason for saying this. A few weeks ago, my mom’s cat was killed by a human being. Her cat was taken from her yard and killed. She was brought back after having been cut in half. There was NO blood left. Only the back half of the cat was returned. I can’t say anymore, because I don’t want to interfere with the investigation. Please, please, please! Keep your pets indoors! This is something that is happening all over the country. It doesn’t matter where you live. If you love your pets, don’t allow them outsinde unless you’re willing to stay with them. If you don’t love your pets enough to do this, please take them to a rescue or no-kill shelter so they can be loved by someone who will care about them.

Sinus infection rerun

After I took the 5 days’ rx of Levaquin for my sinus infection, I felt fine for a few days. I think I need to stop swimming for a while though, because the sinus infection is back again. Maybe it never was really all the way gone. Anyway, from what I’ve been reading, I’ve gathered that swimming is bad for someone prone to sinus infections. Not that I’ve ever been prone to them, but, when you have myeloma, you may find yourself suffering from various infections that never bothered you in LBM (life before myeloma).

Here’s some good info on sinusitis: