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My forecast for today is hot and partly swimmy. I have to be careful about being in the sun too much. I use sunscreen, but forget to keep reapplying it. Then I get burned.

Yesterday was fun. Jacob came over and we spent a couple of hours outside playing. It’s fun to toss him into the pool. He likes it, anyway. We went to see Elyssa at her dance recital, which was also fun. There was a beach theme. The music was mostly Beach Boys. After it was over, we all went to dinner.

Friday, I was kind of bored, but then Dar called and we went to dinner. She loves Kenny Chesney. I’ve never liked country music. Tickets went on sale for a concert in Raleigh in August on Saturday morning. She got up at 4 am and went to wait in line. Within 5 minutes they were sold out. Within a few more minutes, they were on eBay, going for 2-3 times face value. In North Carolina, that’s a class 2 misdemeanor. It’s called ticket scapling, whether it’s done online or in a parking lot or street corner. I actually think it should be more than a misdemeanor.

Great weather

We’ve been having great weather here. It’s not quite warm enough to swim, but I do it anyway. Once the initial shock of the cold wears off, it’s fun. What’s more fun is when the kids are here. We have a floating basketball thingy to play with, for one thing.

My dog has shown no interest in being in the water. I think it has to be disgusting, smelly and muddy for him to want to jump in. I’m not sure I want to encourage him to be in the pool.

We’re doing a lot of work on the yard. It’s no longer looking so much like a construction site. I planted stuff, and am hoping it doesn’t all die. I’m trying to pay more attention to taking care of the things that live in my yard.

Very crabby lately

I’ve been very, very crabby lately. I think it’s because I just came off of 4 months of high dose dex. I’m not sure. I’ll have to report this to my doctor when I see him next week. I don’t want to take more dex, so that’s not a solution to the problem. I also think that I may be having a hard time dealing with a cancer for which there’s no cure. For me, it’s been 3+ years of constant treatment and I haven’t been able to stop without seeing my IgA take off. It makes me consider, more and more, doing a stem cell transplant. I’ll see Dr. Durie in August at the IMF patient & family seminar, so I can ask him what he thinks. He has told me before that my MM isn’t aggressive enough to warrant a SCT. I wonder about my QOL though. SCT could possibly give me years of remission (or not — who knows?). I still have a few more month on this Rev/dex EAP, so I will stay on that until the drug is no longer free.

I apologize to friends & family to whom I’ve been short or have been ignoring in an effort to avoid having to interact with people. I need this time to myself and it’s better that I not offend people for now. I hope you’ll understand!

What nobody tells you about pools

When you have a pool, you have to turn off the pump at night. If you don’t, you’ll find dead animals in your skimmer. I found a product called FrogLog, that I set up at night to help little animals get out of the pool if they fall in. Since I’ve been turning off the pump and setting out the FrogLogs, I haven’t found anything in my skimmer, thank goodness. Tonight though, I did find a mouse swimming. I fished him out with a net, but I think he was beyond exhaustion. He hasn’t moved since I set him down on a soft bit of grass. I hope he recovers. I don’t know what else I can do for him. I’ll check on him later. For now, I would guess he needs to rest and not have the bejesus scared out of him by a giant with a flashlight every few minutes.

IMF Seminar

I’ll be going to the IMF seminar in Philadelphia in August with my friend J. We’ll drive up on the 4th so we can be there on the 5th. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again (Suzanne, Susie, Dr. Durie). JG lives nearby, so I’ll make some time to stop & see her.

This time, I’ll make sure I’m not taking dex during the trip. In times past, I’ve been so worn out from dex that I had to take time to crash during the sessions. Since I’m on standard dose dex now, I can take it on 4 days after I get home.

Hospital visit

Yesterday when I had my monthly appointment, I was planning on meeting a list friend whom I’ll call B. I called B’s cell phone and the person answering told me that B had been admitted to the hospital! I found the right room and stopped to say hello. It wasn’t the kind of first meeting I hoped for, but I’m sure it wasn’t for B, either. Never-the-less, it made me realize (again) how lucky I’ve been. I did a rare thing and sent up a prayer for B, for a speedy and complete recovery.

Relay for Life Survivor Reception

We had a successful reception Sunday at the National Golf Club. I was glad to meet A.W., another MM patient. You’d think this would be rare, since there are only about 50,000 of us in the United States. She has been in treatment since 1998, when she had her first stem cell transplant in Arkansas. Even a second SCT didn’t give her much treatment free time. She has had about every tx you can think of, except Revlimid.

Anyway, the reception was great. The food was yummy and the company was the best. We had donations to give away as door prizes, and every single person received a prize.

Thanks to everyone who came to help.


Anyone who has ever watched Six Feet Under knows about a “pre-need.” It’s about making arrangements for your funeral before you need to. Today I made the arrangements for my final disposition. I don’t need a funeral or anything like that. I’m an atheist, so a service isn’t necessary. I’ll be cremated in a cardboard box and then my remains will be put into a smaller cardboard box and given to a family member. What I think would be nice is to have my ashes poured into the ground where a nice shrub will be planted.