CNN Report on drug costs for fertility treatment

I just saw a report on CNN about how most insurance companies will not pay for drugs for fertility treatments. They talked to a few people who were selling their excess drug supplies to people who needed them, which saved them some money. They said the treatment can cost about $15k and may only be successful a small percentage of the time.

Of course, I wrote to them inmmediately to tell them how this kind of problem exists wherever drug costs are high and there are uninsured people. I told of my own willingness to send left over drugs to people who needed them (not SELL them). I hoped to impress upon them that this is a problem that exists where there are life and death situations, and that we need to take care of the people we have here and now, and then maybe we can concentrate on ways to make it affordable to bring more people into the world. That’s my own opinion.

I hope you can see this report and send them your stories about drug costs. I specifically mentioned Celgene. I hope this story will get some media attention. I’ve been trying.

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