Co-pay assistance for patients with Multiple Myeloma

Subject: Co-pay assistance for patients with Multiple Myeloma

Myeloma Treatment

Message: Beth,

I just wanted to shoot you a quick message to let you know about our
organization. Patient Access Network Foundation provides co-pay
assistance for medications to insured patients who cannot afford the
co-pays for their treatment. We currently have 20 disease funds
including Multiple Myeloma.

Patients are eligible for assistance as long as they have insurance
that covers part of the cost of the medication, their income is below
400% of the federal poverty level, and they are a US resident.

Patients can apply by visiting our website at or by calling to speak with one of our
case managers at 1.866.316.7261.

If you could pass this information on to other patients you know, or
post a link in your blog, we would really appreciate it! We’re
trying to help out every patient we can, and every little bit helps!


Ashley Hutton
Patient Access Network Foundation

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  1. Charlie Broombaugh

    Hard to get answers from the insurance companie(s) and Medicare about what Plan-B covers. Unreal. I have been receiving treatments (various) for Multiple Myeloma for the past 7 years. Recently, the Oncology doctor wants to start a Velcade chemo treatment program. The deductible that the oncology clinic quotes is more that I can afford. Is there any assistance out there? I receive SSI and my wife is recently un-employed. Trying to save my home and seek therapy for this disease. Your financial advice appreciated. Thank-you. CLB


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