Tomorrow is my last Velcade & Doxil before SCT. I’ll have two more doses of Velcade alone next week. After that, I’ll just have tests (MUGA, BMB, EKG, etc).

I’m glad to be nearly done with the Velcade/Doxil regimen. There’s some painful neuropathy developing in my legs and feet. I don’t think I could do much more. Someone once told me they’d be surprised if I got through 8 cycles of Velcade. I did, but I missed a few doses for various reasons. I know what she meant though. It’s better than steroids, but I’m all rashy, I’m hurting from the neuropathy and the skin is peeling off my hands.

I don’t think I can stay awake any longer. More tomorrow!


  1. Jude

    I might have mentioned the doxil being hard to get through very many cycles. I only made it through 3 and quit because of the rashes and peeling. I think you are really doing fabulously. I wish I was at the beginning of Velcade rather the end, start cycle 2 on Tuesday so this is the 3rd time on Velcade and I know it cannot keep going forever. My oncologist told me Monday (7/2) that this will be my last year (entering the 5th) because he doesn’t have any more tricks up his sleeves. I’ve been on virtually every drug. I’m think of Dana Farber/Ken Anderson to see if this is where they draw the line. I’m not ready but some of this is due to feeling really well today. The pain is overwhelming. I have to get some pain relief then talk MM.
    Good luck to you Beth,

  2. minnesotadon

    Oops I Googled MUGA and found out. myeloma diagnosis.

  3. minnesotadon

    I bet you’ll be glad to be done with Velcade/Doxil! What’s MUGA?


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