Crop Circle

Did I ever mention that I once saw a crop circle? No? I did! I was in England, in Wiltshire, near Avebury. We were checking out the West Kennet long barrow near Silbury Hill and saw the crop circle. I believe they’re made by people, of course, and not aliens. It was a beautiful sight, but not more interesting than the long barrow or the stones at Avebury. Wiltshire is just beautiful, if you ask me. In fact, the whole country is beautiful. That was one place I didn’t want to come home from. Imagine (Americans) driving down a country road (on the wrong side) and seeing a castle! We just don’t have many things like that here. Check out this site for more information.

If you’re a little insulted that I’m overawed by the accomplishments of my English ancestors, check out this amazing structure. It was created by native Americans more than 3000 years ago. I visited there as a child, and felt it was a magical place.

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