Cursed blood sugar

I tried taking my dex at night to see if it would help me to be asleep when the jitters & sweats started. That part was ok. But when I woke up (too early) and tested my blood glucose, it was 199 mg/dL! I think I have to take it during the day when I’m active. That will all be resolved on in a few weeks when I see the Endo. It’s possible I may need to take some kind of diabetes med a few days a week. Others have had to do that while they’re taking dex.


  1. Beth

    I’m not diabetic. I have great readings all the time, except for dex days
    (2 days a week). I’m going to go see an Endo next week. Did you take your
    glucatrol one day before you started dex then? And continue for each day of
    the pulse? I actually found that if I stay away from carbs & sugar, and
    walk a few miles a day (esp after a meal), I can control it, but it’s still
    a lot higher than normal. I will see a reading anywhere from 120-200, when
    normally it’s 70-120 (after a meal). I may have to walk more than a few
    miles a day!

    I’m still thinking about SCT. A local man has a daughter who had one in
    1996, and is still in CR! That makes it seem pretty worthwhile. I’m young,
    and don’t have an aggressive disease, and have responded well to treatment,
    so my doc thinks I would do well. It’s just so hard when you don’t even
    feel sick!

    I hope you have a nice weekend! Is it as hot there as it is here? It was
    up to 95 today!

  2. Bob Oberle

    Hi Beth: Dexamethazone did the same thing to me…One day I really starteing feelin “bad” and the N.P. at my onc’s office took one look at me, ran a fast glucose test, and I was 350mg%! She put me on Glucatrol XL, 5mg once in the morning, and, of course, I bought a glucometer. The Glucatrol (generic: Glipizide) brought my sugar immidiately under control by the second day. Steriod induced diabetes is one of the problems with dex! Happily, it also disappears when you stop the dex, unless , of course, you are also a type one or two diabetic, (naturally).

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