Day +5

It’s day +5.  My WBC is now 1.7. Not much happened today. I got some fluids. My blood pressure was pretty low.

Amy asked how the re-infusion went.  I hated that part. She mentioned that was a prime opportunity for nausea to creep in. I had some Zofran, Ativan and some oxycodone in my IV.  If you even anticipate needing these things, make sure you get them.  Also, ask for a slow infusion.  There’s less discomfort that way.


  1. Gina

    You’re doing great Beth. You’ll be around the corner and feeling on the upswing soon.

  2. Jude

    I cannot believe you are breezing through this as an outpatient. Maybe because you’re so young? What ever gives us a leg up in this battle and keeps us alive and ready for “the cure” is wonderful.

  3. tk

    Hi Beth,
    Didn’t realize you had started the process. Sounds like things are going well. Loved the video. Best wishes…
    Teresa & Richard

  4. Beth

    Oh! I had a neupogen injection today too!


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