Day +7

SCT Day +7

Things aren’t as terrible as I’ve been imagining all these years.  That’s not to say that I think it would have been better for me to have the SCT up front.  There’s no way I can know how my awful anxiety would have affected the transplant processs.

I have a bit of mucositis and thrush.  Nothing painful.  Just annoying.

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  1. Margaret

    I think that your anxiety would have had quite a negative impact on an SCT at a time when you were not yet ready for one. Of course, I could be wrong, and, as you say, there is no way of knowing now. But what is important is that you are doing so well. Fantastico! Keep it up, Beth! Heaps of folks care about you a lot, myself included. And please get home soon, will ya? A big bear hug from Italy…and Margaret!


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