Day +8

Things are progressing. I haven’t received my labs yet, but I feel pretty well. I suppose that’s a good sign. I’m hoping my white count is on its way back up. We’ve been working on that during Reiki. The WBC was still 0.1. Oh well, what can I do but wait? Here’s a little audio. SCT Day +8 I’ve had mucositis. This is not fun. It hasn’t been terrible, but is less comfortable. I have some mouth/throat sores and some GI problems. So far, I haven’t had to resort to pain meds.

This is a story about being asked for a stool sample. This is a PG-13 story. I added this on January 4, 2008.  You can hear that I have a cold during the time I recorded this.


  1. Lopo

    Hi friend

    Looks all is going weel. Great news.
    And by your voice you look in good mood.

    By the way, real pretty voice you have. You should consider doing some radio one of this days ;)

    Best wishes from Portugal

  2. Margaret

    Keep up the progress, not the mukky stuff, I meant! (yep, still me = Margaret)

  3. Margaret

    Hey, the audio was cooooool, Beth! Good to hear your voice. The only problem I had was with the volume, I could barely hear you, but that could be my stupid computer (great, now it’s going to get all offended and crash on me). ;-) Anyway, your progress sounds good, apart from the mukky stuff. Keep it up! Good thoughts and bear hugs from Margaret in Italy


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