Day three of apheresis

This will be my last day of apheresis. We’ll end up with just enough stem cells for one transplant, instead of two, which is what we were shooting for. I will have spent 18 hours in the chair and some more hours waiting for lab results.

One thing I noticed yesterday was that the check in procedure is slow. That’s not so bad for people like me, but what about the people who are trying to recover from transplants? Making them wait any amount of time seems inhumane.

This stem cell collection process really makes me tired! I could nap right now.

We shot some video of dressing changes to help me remember all the steps. I can put them on the web if anyone’s interested in seeing them.

Yesterday was my birthday, so I came home to a clean house, and had cake & everything! My sister even brought dinner, part of which I ate. It was good!

More soon.


  1. Margaret

    I forgot to comment on your having spent 18 hours in a chair. After reading that, I had to take a nap, myself! Margaret (again)

  2. Margaret

    Auguri di buon compleanno!!! Happy Birthday!!!Glad to read you ate cake on your bday, that’s crucial! ;-) You take care, keep up those good spirits, and keep us updated. Best wishes from
    Margaret (currently in Bellizzi Irpino, Italy)

  3. sunshine

    A million good birthday wishes and blessings for your day and all year!


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