Days on

Today is the last of my 4 days off from dex. In the morning I’ll start my 4 days on, with 40 mg. I’ve taken dex in the morning and dex in the night. It doesn’t seem to matter so much to me when I take it. It doesn’t seem to have the impact on my sleep that it used to have in the beginning. Of course, I’ve been off of it for 6 months until now, so it may be a cumulative thing. I’ll have to see. The first 4 days (last week) I didn’t have any bad indigestion or sleep problems, so all I can say is yay!

The stomach problems I was experiencing seem to have come to and end. Thank goodness for that, too. All I can think is that if the Revlimid was making me feel so crummy, it had to be making the cancer feel icky too.

I’ve been making myself walk more every day. Dex makes my legs feel really weak, so it’s my job to keep them strong. By spring I’ll be swimming too!

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