Dex and blood sugar

I have a problem with my blood sugar when I take dex, and only for a period of 24-32 hours. Overall, my blood glucose is fine. I suppose I should be grateful! Today, I haven’t even eaten anything yet, and my BG is 150 mg/dL. I’ve had no food for well over 14 hours. I’m hungry though! So I’m going to have to have something.

I saw my endo, and my HGB A1C for the last 6 months was 5.4%, which is better than it was last time, even though I’ve gained weight and he expected it to be higher. 6 months ago it was 6.1%. My average BG over a period of 3 months, based on a test he did is 100 mg/dL. 6 months ago it was 120. When I have the random BG test done each month, it’s almost always under 100. Usually in the 80s. So I don’t have diabetes. It’s just the dex. I worry that it could cause me to become diabetic though. Has that ever happened to anyone?

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