Dex and indigestion!

Dexamethasone gives me horrible indigestion. During this time, ranitidine, alka seltzer and mylanta are my friends. This is a typical side effect of dex. Does anyone have suggestions for dealing with this?

I don’t expect to have to take steroids for a whole lot longer. I’m investigating stem cell transplant as my next treatment. After I had a SCT, I wouldn’t be on any kind of maintenance. What’s the point of going through all that just to take drugs again? I know that some folks hope to extend their remissions, but for me it’s a QOL issue.

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  1. Nellie Irvine

    Beth, do you take your dex with food? I have started taking my dex early in the morning and I take 5 of the pills mid meal and the other 5 after, I do not have a lot of indigestion.

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