Done deed

There’s no turning back now. I had my high dose melphalan today. If they just sent me home right now, I’d probably die from an infection in a matter of days. The chemo is myeloablative.  It kills the bone marrow. My stem cells will be infused over the next 2 days. I don’t fully understand why it’s going to take 2 days, but I’ll find out tomorrow. I’ll have my own special room at the clinic while this is being done. It should be more comfortable than sitting out in the open in a chair. It’s very quiet here, and I’m sensing an opportunity to take nap.

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  1. Gina

    Glad to hear you’re settled in. I think the stemcells are isolated into different portions, treated and clean up, and they’ll have different characteristics and are transplanted separately (even on different days in your case) to achieve desired outcome. Sleep is a good thing – enjoy those naps. Good luck with neutropenia; you’ll be feeling good soon.


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