Doxil side effects

skinproblem.jpgThis is what Doxil does to my hands. They recover some during my time off. Sometimes there’s bleeding, and it usually hurts (but just when I bend my fingers). Someone recommended that I try New Skin Liquid Bandage, which I have. I must say, it’s smelly! Plus, when I paint it on, it stings.

In addition to the HFS (hand-foot syndrome), I also have some stomatitis. It’s not too bad, and doesn’t last very long (4 days per cycle, maybe). However, a few days ago, my tongue was actually bleeding. On the worst days, I sort of want to just keep on eating ice cream at a steady rate. I tried toast for breakfast one day, and it felt like I was chewing on razor blades. That’s an exaggeration, yes.
Here’s a link to the Doxil site’s list of possible side effects for your reading enjoyment.

No matter what this stuff does to me, it’s still better than dex!


  1. ruthie

    After my sixth cycle of velcade doxil are u bloating I’m hysterical about looking the way I do and does anyone have a change in structure in my upper thoracic spine with a forward bent neck always had great posture and was thin I can’t lok at muself Please please if u have any info that can make me not bloat with the treatment or u know anyone hat has this neck shoulder stuation and was helped please let me know asap

  2. cdfchief

    My skin has been extra dry from so many years of chemo. I use Vitamin World’s Retinol Cream lotion. On every first Monday and Tuesday of each month they are “buy one/get one free”. That is tomorrow and Tuesday! It soaks in fast and is not oily.

    My second choice is Emu oil. It soaks in quickly, too.

    Have you tried either? How about Bag Balm you get from the local feed store?

    Eric in Palm Desert, CA 114 today.

  3. minnesotadon

    Wow! “Better than dex” is a powerful statement about dex. I hope that’s high-dose dex, or else I’m REALLY REALLY hoping that the curcumin works, ’cause otherwise dex is next.

    Hands look like that in Minnesota in the winter when the humidity is 0%. Maybe a good hypoallergenic hand cream like Cetaphil?

    Best, Don

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