Dr. P.

I took mom to see Dr. P. today. I was glad we went. It’s crazy. She hasn’t spoken to an oncologist at all since this started. Your doc sends you straight to a surgeon, who sends you for radiation if you need it. Wouldn’t you think it would make sense to talk to someone who knows cancer really well?

How do you like the new theme?


  1. Lopo

    It is more like you. Calm and confident. I love it best.

    Sorry for your mom. She must treat herself.

    It is a shame when someone in a “rich country” with access to the best treatments available let himself/herself gettting worst and worst just because of being affraid to accept the truth of the disease. tell her that in Africa and many other poor countries people die with no hope at all for even a paliative treatment.

    Sorry if I was so hursh. if not for her at least for those that can’t have it :)

    Wishing the best for both.


  2. Susan Schlueter

    Hi Beth,
    i am in the same situation as you-i am trying to get my myeloma cells down enough to get a stem cell transplant. i have tried thalomid and velcade and couldn’t tolerate either one. Thalomid made my legs hurt and velcade made me very sick as in sick to my stomach and very tierd. I am fixing to start taking revlimid. you said it made you feel sick –in what way? I am 47 and have had mm for 2 yrs–well acutally i has a solitary plasmacytoma and went into remisson for 5 yrs and then it turned into mm. Please let me know how revlimid makes you feel. thanks– your story sounds so much like mine.
    sincerely, Susan

  3. tk

    I like your new theme! Sorry for your mom and for you.


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