Duke blood

This is the blood I found in the HLA test kit Duke sent to me back in February. I was about to throw it away, but decided to look at it. I’m glad I did, because it contained 2 tubes of someone’s blood. A 46 year-old female with type AB+ blood. This is something that should never have happened! I can’t just throw it out. It has to be properly disposed of, so I’m hanging onto it until I go for my next appointment at UNC, and someone there will properly dispose of it. I found the blood when I lifted the blue foam out of the container. It was underneath there.

Someone's blood in my kit


  1. Beth

    There was no identity on the tubes, other than a number issued by Carolina Donor Services. I took the blood with me to UNC to be disposed of safely.

  2. Deb


    I wonder if that was supposed to have been sent to a lab for analysis?

    Maybe you will meet this person and have a surprise friend! :)

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