I’ve had two doses of Evusheld during the last month or so.  After my initial injections, there was an advisory from the CDC to get a second set of injections.  It’s thought one dose isn’t effective enough.

Evusheld is Astra-Zeneca’s pre-exposure prophylaxis for covid.

I keep reading that people seem to be unaware of its existence, and it’s sitting in stock rooms and pharmacies unused. At the same time, there are news articles saying it’s hard to get.  I didn’t have any trouble getting it where I receive treatment



  1. David Peacock

    I’m taking daratumumab and revlimid (lenalidomide) for 10 cycles at Princess Margaret cc in Toronto. PMH has not settled on a plan yet. I hope to hear more at my next clinic in 3 weeks. It would a real game changer for us. My wife had a liver transplant and is on serious anti rejection drugs, so would also be a candidate.

  2. John

    Hi Beth. Will try to get inoculated at my next meeting with my oncologist.


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