Eye doctor

Shingles on the left side of my faceI’m seeing the doctor this afternoon about my left eye, which is afflicted with shingles. If an eye is ever affected by shingles, get to a doctor, asap!

Here’s a new picture of what the rash looks like.  Don’t click on the thumbnail if you don’t want to see it.  I think it’s hideous.  I try to stay in so that I don’t attract mobs of torch-wielding villagers out in front of the house.

I’m still taking the 500 mg  of Famvir three times a day and am taking some oxycodone as needed.  I never thought I’d say this, but I wish I had some dex.

More about shingles


  1. idadome


    You look like you are miserable. So sorry that you are going through this again.


  2. minnesotadon

    Ouch. I’m impressed that you can still joke about it! Maybe that’s the oxy talking. May you get past this FAST!


  3. sunshine

    I don’t think I can imagine the pain of that. Heartfelt wishes for healing.

  4. sharon

    Beth, as one of the villagers who could potentially light a torch and come over, won’t happen. You are way too good a neighbor and friend, and I hate that you have shingles on top of everything else. Don’t forget that I am as close as the phone and way happy to run errands or play taxi.


  5. carol

    Mine looks the same way right now. I’ve never had shingles before and they are above my eye and I feel the sharp shooting pains behind my eye and in my ears. It’s aweful

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