Ferarro was concerned that only some can afford cancer treatment

This was done in 2007, when Ms. Ferarro was in remission. She expressed concern in this video about the fact that drugs that allowed her to stay alive were not available for all. This continues to be the case. Unless you have a lot of money or good insurance, you may not be able to get the treatment many of us count on to keep us among the living. In this video, she’s getting Velcade and talks about research and funding.

Apologies.  This video can no longer be located.

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  1. Glennda

    Right, we all know that Chemotherapy is very expensive and I wonder how those poor people fight cancer since they can’t afford it. I hear some snippets that there is a natural way to get rid of cancer although I don’t know if it’s true but they assure me they conduct some studies. We eat guayabano, I don’t know what you call this kind of fruit but it’s basically found in the Philippines.


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