A few days ago, the tadpoles who made their home in the water that collected on my pool cover developed into tiny frogs or toads.  I’m still not sure what they are.  I took a short video on my camera of them hopping around on the pool cover.  Since then, they’ve almost all hopped away.  I can see some in the yard if I look carefully.  There are just a few tadpoles left, but they’ve almost lost their tails and have legs now.


  1. Gerry


    I have had a stem cell transplant in the fall of 2008 and still have not got my energy level back. I just came across your blog and would like to correspond with you. It appears you have had good remission. My doctor tells me I am presently in complete remession but we all know that can change at any time.

    • Beth

      Hi –

      It could take some time, depending on your health before the SCT. How are your CBCs? I have to say that I felt better almost right away. I was tired for a while, but felt so much better not being on constant treatment.

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